How Five Companies Use Elucidat To Empower In-House Teams To Speed Up Processes And Production

The success stories below show how five companies used Elucidat as a collaborative authoring tool to empower in-house teams to speed up their processes, produce more elearning content, save costs, and meet learners’ needs.

elucidat success stories

1. Tesco


Tesco’s L&D department, part of the UK’s largest retailer, wanted to increase digital learning across the organization. To accomplish that,  the department needed an authoring solution that could help produce elearning faster than the previous tools it had used.

By switching to Elucidat, Tesco achieved:

  • Speed: Tesco now produces elearning 400% faster; and novices can be trained to use the tool in less than two hours;
  • Cost: The company reduced its costs by 50%;
  • Quantity: Tesco realized a 50% increase in the number of in-house people creating elearning content.

“We’ve doubled the amount of people making elearning whilst reducing costs by 50%.” – Sam Taylor, Digital Learning Manager

2. Utility Warehouse


Utility Warehouse needed a smart digital solution to share the knowledge and skills of experienced distributors with new hires.

By switching to Elucidat, Utility Warehouse achieved:

  • Quantity: The company scaled up its elearning to meet the needs of 46,000 learners (31% of the learners accessed content on mobile-devices).
  • Meeting learners’ needs: using a tool with high-end learning design functionality led to a 65% increase in learner confidence.

“Elucidat helps us deliver elearning, with a fantastic user experience, to 46,000 learners on any device.” – Paul Goundry, Head of Learning

3. Recruiter Hub


Recruiter Hub wanted to offer a digital learning solution for its clients. In the past, it only offered classroom and workshop training.With no previous elearning experience, the team needed a simple solution that didn’t take hours of training to master.

By switching to Elucidat, Recruiter Hub achieved:

  • Speed: Using Elucidat the team can create elearning content 10x faster than other elearning authoring tools.
  • Quality: Elucidat made it easy for Recruiter Hub’s trainers—who had no design experience—to put together high quality mobile-ready courses.

4. Integrity, Inc


Integrity, Inc. was looking for opportunities to reduce operating costs and improve client care. The organization’s training program was entirely manual and labor-intensive to maintain, and distributing printed materials across 500+ geographically scattered staff was frustratingly inefficient.

Susie Walton, Integrity’s Associate of Learning, needed an online option that would make it easier to create, distribute and assess training.

By switching to Elucidat, Integrity, Inc achieved:

  • Speed: The drastic reduction in time required to create, deploy and update training has empowered Integrity Inc. to respond rapidly to changes in the industry and keep their training current.
  • Cost: Since implementing Elucidat, Integrity Inc. has increased their training efficiency by over 95% and realized over $60,000 in savings.
  • Retention: Significant increase in staff implementing the training they’ve received, especially in the company’s “Personal Care Assistant” program.

Now, I can create an entire training course in a day, with slides, audio and embedded test questions – something that used to take me a week.” – Susie Walton, Associate of Learning, Integrity, Inc.

5. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care


Johnson & Johnson Vision Care’s (JJVC) eye care team needed a solution that would enable them to deliver digital learning to a wide audience, quickly and with increased take-up. It also needed to meet compliance regulations.

By switching to Elucidat, Johnson & Johnson achieved:

  • Speed: The company produced twice the amount of elearning in 12 months;
  • Quantity: JJVC doubled the amount of training delivered to eye care practitioners and saw a seven-fold increase in the number of courses completed by learners;
  • Meeting learners’ needs: The Eye Education app met regulations, and 93% of the 176 learners surveyed said they would definitely re-use the app in the future.

The Eye Education App won an award in the Best Use of Mobile Learning category at the 2015 UK National eLearning awards.

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