A faster, more efficient way to structure your projects [Product Update]

At Elucidat, we make it as easy as possible for everyone to produce high-quality elearning, efficiently, at scale. Our latest update, released this week, includes a new view of your course structure to speed up your project set up, production and editing.

A new way to plan and structure your elearning projects

In our latest product update, use our seamless drag-and-drop interface to create a robust structure for your courses. Bulk move and duplicate multiple pages at once with just a couple of clicks. And use your existing course content or layouts as templates with an enhanced import function. 

drag and drop gif

All of these abilities combine to make producing consistent, great quality learning experiences faster and more efficient.

Save time, get a quicker impact

Prototyping, storyboarding, layout. Whatever you call it, it’s now able to take place directly in Elucidat with this latest update – saving your authors valuable time. Build your pages and chapters, then move and arrange until you create the best learner journey possible. 

There’s no need to dive into editing content until you or your team needs to, meaning you can get the structure of your content right – from order to page type – straight away. No more rebuilds or reworks needed!

Ensure consistency and efficiency

Importing and duplication functionality is built straight into this structuring update. 

This means you’re able to reuse content and structures that work; produce and release different versions of the same course simply and easily. Save yourself and your team authoring time by starting with what you know works!

This high-level view of your courses’ pages is the perfect place to plan your content – in the same platform where it’s populated. Not only can you build a structure with your learner in mind, but you can rearrange, iterate and amend their journey. This will ensure your content is consistent, and that you’re providing the best possible experience for your learners, every time! 

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Effortlessly get started with projects by importing pre-defined, on-brand templates

Templates from existing courses can be used time and time again. Authors can leverage best practice pages from template courses or other courses they’ve worked on. This means faster workflows and shorter production times when creating or updating content.

Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate!

Speed up project builds by duplicating pages and updating the content instantly. You can duplicate whole sections for quick set-up, or multi-select pages across your projects and convert them into new Chapters at the click of a few buttons.

To recap…

There are so many ways this project structure update can help you create quality content, faster. Here’s a few highlights, you can now: 

  • Produce your projects quicker and save valuable authoring time
  • Effortlessly structure your projects and visualize your learner’s journeys
  • Prototype and plan your projects before delving into the detail
  • Easily import from signed-off templates and utilize best practices across all projects
  • Improve consistency across your suite and enable efficiencies and reuse for a more scalable workflow

Want to learn more?

You can read our practical example blog here, which works through the 5Cs one of our showcase courses – from Capture to Cultivate.

If you’re ready to try this update out for yourself, just log into your Elucidat account!

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A new way to plan and structure your elearning projects