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Following years of transformation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, more change is on the way. Increased economic pressure means the spotlight is on spend; every penny counts. Businesses need to rethink their strategies, and Learning and Development (L&D) have a key role to play. 

Faced with these new challenges and opportunities, how are businesses adapting? How can digital learning support these changes? And what will the L&D team of the future look like?

The State of Digital Learning Report sets out to tap into the minds of your L&D peers and experts and get some answers.

Our data

This report brings together the views of leaders and experts who shape learning experiences in leading businesses. We gathered data from:


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We surveyed L&D managers & leaders in organizations with over 1000 employees in North America & Europe. We also conducted 12 in-depth interviews with learning experts from some of the world’s biggest organizations. 

Our findings

We’ve taken the results of this research and distilled it down into key findings across three focus areas:

  • Current challenges

    Explore the critical factors that exacerbate existing issues and create new L&D challenges.

  • New ways of working

    Discover how future-focused L&D teams are trying out new ways of doing things to overcome their challenges and meet business and employee needs.

  • Practical steps to get started

    Uncover the key ways you can get ready for the year ahead and maximize your impact in 2023.

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