The business case behind engaging elearning

You know that it’s important for your elearning to be engaging. Your learners enjoy it more, you get better feedback and, well, it’s just good learning design! But in a world where speed is critical, you might need more than that to convince stakeholders that engaging elearning is more than ‘nice to have.’ Keep reading to find out how to explain the business case for engaging elearning.

Business case behind engaging elearning

The harsh truth is that we can’t force our learners to pay attention to the content we create. Think about how quickly you skim over emails that you’re cc’d in, and how briefly you glance at intranet wikis that you know you should read thoroughly, but you just don’t have time right now.

It’s the same deal with elearning. Research shows that we give a piece of content just 7 seconds before deciding whether to pay attention or not, and 34% of finance employees only skim read content, or tune in and out of audio. Men are 2x more likely to click through without listening or reading than women.

So, why does that matter when it comes to elearning? It’s a missed opportunity to positively impact specific KPIs.

Impact on KPIs

All learning projects start with a goal. Often, it’s to improve staff performance in a particular area in order to impact a business KPI such as remaining compliant, reducing costs, increasing sales, improving the customer experience, retaining customers, etc.

The first step to improving performance is to engage the relevant audience in the problem and the solution. This becomes a real challenge if your learners are disinterested and not paying attention. And, if they never engage, it’s very unlikely that their actions and behaviors on the job will change as a result of the elearning.

They might remain unaware of the true consequences of a phishing attack.

They may continue to make the same small mistakes in the lab that result in increasing waste and cost.

They will still miss opportunities to connect with customers online and provide a best-in-class customer experience.

Ultimately, their performance won’t improve.

keeping track of KPIs

And if their performance doesn’t improve, the elearning didn’t achieve its goal. It didn’t move the needle on those KPIs. In fact, when the time taken to create the elearning and complete the elearning is taken into account, the whole process may have cost the business more than it delivered.

Long-term skill development

Time and money wasted on one elearning project are bad enough, but over time this also creates a culture where staff looks elsewhere for information and training material. They start to see the elearning provided by the company as boring and go to Google instead, likely ending up with less reliable information.

Your staff is likely to be your biggest and most valuable business expense. Leaving their skills development to Google because they find your elearning unengaging is doing them a disservice and leaves the business vulnerable.

Tips for making your elearning engaging

Engaging elearning is so much more than nice to have. It’s non-negotiable in order for your elearning to have an impact. And the good news is that engagement is easier to achieve than you think.

  • Focus on what learners need to do, not know.
  • Keep it short, within a 15-minute attention span.
  • Make it relevant to their role, not broad and vague.
  • Make it personal, so they understand the individual impact they have.
  • Keep it human, bringing facts to life through people and stories.

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