4 Authoring Platform Features That Will Save Your Team Time (Video Demo)

There are some time consuming, painful processes that have historically plagued elearning teams. These challenges can make it really difficult (and expensive) to develop the best content and get it in front of a broader audience. In a recent live demo, we looked at 4 Elucidat features that will help make your learning team more efficient.

authoring elearning efficiently

4 time-saving authoring features

In the demo, Reese Andrews gives an overview of 4 features in Elucidat that help speed up some key processes for ambitious teams.  Watch the video for an overview of how you how you can:

  • Control and update styles and branding of multiple courses, all from one dashboard
  • Roll out updates across hundreds of courses and content pieces in seconds
  • Manage variations and translations effortlessly
  • Get an insight into the data and analytics you could use to inform content development


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There are plenty more ways to increase the efficiency of your elearning process from start to finish. Collaborative authoring, for example, is a massive time saver by allowing authors to work on content simultaneously and inviting reviewers to comment directly within the authoring tool. 

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The planning process is also key to a smooth and successful project – this elearning project plan template is a really great place to start!