Elearning tips to help you develop elearning content faster

Modern elearning teams are under pressure to develop more content, faster.

To help you find ways to run your team more efficiently, we have scoured the web to curate a list of the best content on how to speed up elearning development.

Read on to learn how leading companies are creating more and more elearning content, faster than ever before.

1. How to speed up elearning content development

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If you coordinate learning and development in your organization, you are probably looking for ways to speed up elearning development. In this post, Li Whybrow provides some tips to help you create elearning content faster.

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2. Four tips to save elearning development time

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Developing an e-learning platform is an intensive piece of work. Here are four great tips you can use within your elearning development team to save time (and maintain high standards).

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3. Seven tips to ensure SME interactions are fast and integrated into your elearning development process

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One crucial – and time consuming – step in elearning development is extracting relevant information out of Subject Matter Experts (SME). This article shows you how to keep SME interactions fast so you can speed up elearning development.

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4. Six rapid elearning best practices


When producing rapid learning the emphasis is on speed, but it’s still crucial that you construct a good foundation for your projects and use correct resources. In this article, learn practices to help you plan and produce rapid elearning, faster.

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5. Five tips to increase elearning productivity

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In this article, learn five tips that can help you increase your elearning productivity today. Use these tips and tricks to start making every elearning design and development moment count.

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That concludes our round-up of the best tips and advice we could find on speeding up elearning content development.

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Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold is the Chief Executive of Elucidat. He helps large companies and training providers speed up and simplify their elearning authoring.
Steve Penfold
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