Learner performance. It starts with great content. [Video]

Do you spend too much time thinking about learning delivery and not enough about the learning content? Brandon Hall Group’s Principal Analyst, Michael Rochelle, sees this all too often when speaking to clients. In a recent briefing with the Elucidat team, Michael shared insights into the impact that focusing on getting your learning content right can have on employee performance.


Thank you to Michael and the Brandon Hall Group team for agreeing to let us share this clip!

Key takeaways

Focus on engaging content first, not delivery.

Learning teams often spend too much time thinking about great delivery and are less focused on the content they’re delivering. Great content is the “lynchpin to a good learner experience.”

Michael reminded us that when we talk about a great movie we saw, a great article we read, or a funny social media post – it’s the content that hooked us, not the platform on which we consumed it.

What engages the learner is the interaction they have with the content. It needs to be timely, relevant, and well-presented. But, crucially, it needs to help them get their job done better.

Engaging content is vital for the retention of learning… as well as impact and performance.

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“Repeated interactions of great learner experience create that lasting impression for learner engagement,” Michael explained. He went on to say: “if you’ve got a highly engaged learner, highly motivated learner, then the depth and length of the attention of that learner is going to be superior to anything else.”

L&D teams are struggling

The pandemic has created additional pressure onto already stretched L&D teams. The pace of change and volatility of business is a huge challenge. Many teams are struggling to amp up competencies and skills. Some are turning to off-the-shelf content as a quick fix – but it won’t have the right impact.

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“It comes down to being able to empower a team that’s there to build better content that can be repurposed and be out there very quickly for when learners need it the most.”

Michael Rochelle, Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group

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