Scrolling page elearning example: “How To Make A Cup Of Tea”

“How To Make A Cup Of Tea” uses Elucidat’s Layout Designer to create a single scrolling page of interactive content.

We use this everyday act to showcase our vertical scrolling navigation and timeline interaction.

Click here to see How to Make a Cup of Tea

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Why we like this elearning

  • Demonstrates an alternative to the ‘click Next to continue’ type navigation. Scrolling feels more web-based and adds more variety to your delivery. Scrolling also makes it easier to design for multiple devices since tablet and smartphone users do a lot of scrolling anyway.
  • Uses a Hotspot Image Box to get the learner thinking rather than a traditional Single Choice Questionnaire page type. This way learners get to explore other options; useful for this kind of ‘did you know’ type question.
  • Demonstrates a Timeline to present sequential information in a single interaction. With this page type learners click hotspots on the Timeline to get more information about the subject.
  • The drop zone image used in the Drag and Drop page type visually fits the subject matter of the module. Who says you have to use a dull empty box?

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