Making non-linear courses Part 3

Good day! It’s time to conclude looking at making non-linear courses in Elucidat, this weeks focus is Achievements.

Click here if you need a refresher on the course.


At the end of my ‘Kitchen Etiquette’ course, my learner will be given a Badge if they achieve a pass.

To set this I opened my ‘Pass’ page, in this case called ‘Impressive!’ in order to assign an Achievement to this page:

Then I pressed ‘Page settings’ and selected the ‘Achievements’ tab.

At this point I had two options:

‘Choose a Badge to award when this page is completed’ – Here I can choose from previously uploaded Badge images or preset icons.

‘Or make a new Badge’ – Here I can choose my own image.

In this case, I chose a preset Badge and then saved, this Badge will now be earned once my learner opens the ‘Pass’ page.

Once this step was completed I had to choose somewhere for the Badge to appear in my course, in this example I chose to stick with the ‘Pass’ page, but you might want to try adding your Badges to other screens (for instance a trophy cabinet screen).

If you do add the image to any other page in your project it will appear greyed out until you view the page where the badge was assigned in the ‘Page settings’ menu using the process above.

To add the image to my page I double clicked the text box to open the text editor:

Then I clicked the ‘Badges’ button on the far right and selected the Achievement:


Now to Release!

At this point I conducted final tests to make sure that my links were set to the correct menus and that my rules where working.

Once I was happy I pressed ‘Release’ (if you would like to learn about Releasing click here) and my course was ready for my learners!

Thanks for reading about how to create non-linear content for Elucidat, next week I will be looking at how to create a series of animated pages.

If you have any questions then please add a comment below and I will respond to you.