8 Unexpected Benefits Of Microlearning Online Training Libraries

Is your company considering a bite-sized online training library to build skills and improve compliance? In this article, I’ll highlight 8 unexpected benefits of using microlearning libraries in your online training program.

microlearning online training library

Microlearning Online Training Libraries: 8 Unexpected Benefits For Corporate Learners

Microlearning offers employees quick bursts of information that’s targeted to their needs. This is why many organizations are now using this bite-sized approach to offer “just-in-time” online training. However, is microlearning really the best choice for your organization? Or are other online training techniques more worthy of your resources? Here are 8 often overlooked advantages of using microlearning online training libraries.

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1. Put Employees In Control Of Their Own Professional Growth

Microlearning online training libraries give employees the chance to focus on their own goals and areas for improvement. They can access the online training library whenever it suits their schedule, instead of having to keep up with their co-workers, or wait until the next online training session. Employees have access to a broad range of online training tools that can help them develop their professional skill sets. They can even create self-paced online training courses by compiling different microlearning online training activities and assessments.

2. Reduce Online Training Seat Time And Costs

Microlearning online training libraries give employees round-the-clock access to online training materials. As a result, they don’t need to spend as much time improving skills and performance in traditional online training settings. Your staff has already worked on their professional strengths and weaknesses via the bite-sized online training repository. This also translates into more time on the job and reduced online training costs. Not to mention, a significant increase in employee satisfaction, thereby eliminating the need to train new hires in order to replace your top talent.

3. Offer “Moment Of Need” Support

Without a doubt, one of the most significant benefits of microlearning online training libraries is that they provide “just-in-time” training support. Employees are more likely to remember information if it helps them address an immediate problem or challenge. For example, they watch an online training tutorial to figure out which step they may have missed. They will commit this information to memory because it’s linked to practical application, not to mention a notable event in their lives; in this case, struggling to complete a task while helping a customer.

4. Give Employees The Opportunity To Upskill

Your employees are able to fine-tune their skills and learn new ones whenever the need arises, or even if they are planning ahead for a promotion and want to focus on related talents and abilities. Every member of your team has the opportunity to improve their work-related experience, regardless of their current job duties, position, or level in the organization. As such, microlearning allows them to climb the corporate ladder and do their current job more effectively. This translates into a broad range of secondary benefits. Namely,  an increase in employee retention and more talented team members to help you achieve your objectives.

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5. Access To Online Training Resources Anytime, Anywhere

Microlearning online training resources are easily accessible and digestible. Therefore, employees can get the help they need at any time and from anywhere in the world. Even if they are in the middle of a sales call, or waiting for the next customer to walk through the door. However, you must also consider the need for mobile-friendly microlearning online training libraries. For instance, employees should be able to access the online training materials using their smartphones and tablets. This requires a responsive eLearning design tool that automatically adjusts the layout. You simply design a master version of the microlearning online training resource and incorporate breakpoints. The LMS takes care of the rest by delivering the best version for the user’s device of choice.

6. Facilitate Real-World Application

Meaningful online training experiences result in real-world application. Employees must be able to use the information they’ve learned to improve their job performance or overcome a challenge they face on a daily basis. Microlearning online training libraries enable them to put their skills and knowledge into action right away. For example, they complete a 5-minute simulation or branching scenario, then immediately apply the skills they’ve just acquired. This also allows them see the real-world benefits of online training. Thus, they are more likely to actively participate and absorb the key takeaways.

7. Improve Memory Retention And Recall

It’s difficult to assimilate the subject matter if you’re distracted or dealing with numerous work responsibilities. However, microlearning online training libraries make online training more convenient and fluid while preventing cognitive overload. Employees can fit Learning and Development into their schedules and create their own personalized learning paths. This makes the online training content easier to remember and recall on the job. Corporate learners receive small bits of information instead of being barraged with facts and stats. They remember more by receiving less, but in more frequent doses.

8. Cater To Diverse Learning Preferences

Every employee has a unique way of absorbing and retaining information. They have different learning preferences that have a direct impact on their online training performance. For example, visual learners may not be able to fully comprehend or remember the takeaways by listening to a podcast. Instead, they need a visual example to follow, such as a video demo or image-rich online training tutorial. Microlearning online training libraries give them the power to pick-and-choose relevant online training resources that cater to their needs. A secondary benefit of this is increased employee motivation. They know that they’re getting online training resources custom-tailored to their goals and objectives. This prompts them to get actively involved in the process and make the most of the microlearning online training resources.

Microlearning online training libraries are quick, convenient, and memorable. Thus, they give employees the power to broaden their knowledge and skills whenever it fits into their schedule. Furthermore, your organization can maximize its resources by targeting specific gaps and areas for improvement.

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