How to reach more learners with personalized experiences (resources)

How do you meet the needs of a large, diverse audience? And, how do you know if the learning experiences you’re offering are actually doing the trick? In a recent webinar, Reese Andrews looked at how to deliver personalized learning experiences to thousands of learners while keeping things simple and easy to manage. We’ve shared some video clips from the webinar below, plus some useful resources to help you on your journey.

creating elearning at scale

In the webinar, Reese focused on 4 aspects of Elucidat that will help you increase the reach of personalized learning experiences:

  • Translating and managing content management using a master course framework
  • Creating personalized learning content using rules and branching
  • Creating totally accessible content for anyone to engage with your learning, wherever they are
  • Using Elucidat’s data analytics to constantly improve your learning output

We’ve gathered some useful resources in each of these 4 areas to help you on your journey.

1. Managing translations and course variations

Customizing learning content for different audiences may mean that you want to create different versions for different languages, different brands or slightly different audiences. The variations manager in Elucidat helps you manage this in a simple yet powerful way.

Watch the video for a great explanation of how this works:


Learn more about Elucidat’s translation feature.

2. Personalizing learning experiences

Offering personalized learning experiences helps to increase engagement with your audience. One way to do this is by playing back users’ answers to encourage reflection and reinforce key points. You can also use live polls to give people live, personalized feedback based on how their responses compare to their peers’.

Watch the video to see how clips and social polls can be used and created in Elucidat:


This example uses clips to personalize learning:

leadership training assessment

Another way you can create personalized learning experiences is to use “rules” and “branching” to create bespoke learner pathways through the content. For example, you can route learners based on how they answer a question.

Click here to see a great example of branching using in learning design.

3. Ensuring accessibility

If you want to reach the widest possible audience with your learning, making sure your content is accessible for everyone, everywhere is key. That means everyone, no matter their needs, is able to fully experience your learning content. This isn’t just nice to have – it’s the law!

Learn more about creating accessible learning with Elucidat.

It’s also important to make your learning available on all devices, in relevant languages, so you can reach people wherever they are.

Useful links:

4. Make sure your elearning works

Using data to get insight into how learners are engaging with your content is vital. Beta testing your content and getting feedback early before you scale up (into different languages or variations) are great ways to save time!

elearning analytics stats

Useful links:

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