Elearning example: Cyber Security Course

How much damage can a computer virus cause? Well, a virus called MyDoom is said to be the most expensive computer virus of all time, causing over 38 billion dollars of damage.  And it all started from just one email. We take a look at an elearning example that aims to help people understand online threats.

Elucidat’s Australian partner, Savv-e, has recognized the importance of raising awareness in organizations today and created a Cyber Security module that helps learners understand online threats and how to protect themselves and their organizations.

Click here to visit Savv-e’s Cyber Security course (demo)

See the elearning in action

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Why we like it

  • It’s a web-based responsive design.
  • Uses a wide variety of page types to tell a story and ask learners to make decisions and judgements. We especially like their use of the Vertical Timeline and the Flip page type.
  • The quiz is not just a fact check and asks learners how to spot cyber threats.
  • Includes real-life examples and scenarios to highlight key learning.

A note from Savv-e:

We created the Cyber Security module after an increasing demand and suffering our own cyber- attack. We realized that no matter how strong the firewall or how well organizations set up their IT systems, it’s the human error that cyber attackers rely and feed on to infiltrate, steal, manipulate or destroy data.

We created an elearning module that covers the most common cyber security threats and made them real for the learner by putting them in the driver’s seat to demonstrate the right way to protect themselves and their organizations from those threats.

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