Why successful training providers are embracing digital learning

If you’re a training provider that’s about to embark on “going digital” or a training team that’s got digital learning products and is keen to keep them fresh, we’ve got some insider tips just for you.


Taking stock of how one of our top training provider customers are excelling with their digital offers, we share advice on how to make a smooth and swift journey from offline to online training products that stay fresh, modern and in-demand.

Where to start your digital journey

If you’re a professional training provider, you’ve probably got some fantastic materials such as written guides, demo videos, visual diagrams and workshop content.

So how do you go from that to providing cutting-edge digital training content that customers will want to buy – and also re-commission when their contract is up?

What not to do…

Get content – put in authoring tool – spit out online learning like some magic Heath Robinson style-machine might do.


Yes, the right tool choice matters, and it can make elearning authoring super easy and efficient. But whether you go fast or slow, you want a digital product that helps you bring real performance results that are right for your customers. And if you want modern learning content, it’s got to be multi-device.

Sadly, content does not = learning experiences. At least, not if you want real results.

Open up the opportunities

Pull back and consider what opportunities digital learning offers, especially against face-to-face and printed materials.

  • Access at any time, from any device. Go for responsive tools, and you can take your learning content to learners on any device, 24/7. You don’t need to expect learners to do it all in one sitting, or even define what a “sitting” is. Re-format your content and you can let them pull it off in bites that suit them, microlearning style.
  • Tailorable to personal needs. With the right tech choices, it’s easy to configure content, learning experiences and brand to individual needs. Content can even adapt to needs as someone learns. So, you can ditch any sheep dip approach and re-think what your “product” is. It doesn’t have to be fixed; it can mold to customers’ needs and branding.
  • Easy to update. A key reason many training providers move to digital content is so it’s easier to translate and update it, to keep it fresh. Cloud-based tools, like Elucidat, make this extra easy, since anyone in your team can jump in and make an edit. They can then refresh all the related versions, from wherever they sit, with one click – whether they are across customers’ LMSs, on your website, or on a portal somewhere.
  • People powered. This bit can be forgotten when teams think “digital.” Chances are, you have a team of top coaches and experts at hand, and this is where your real IP and USP lies. Empowering your experts to share, advise and coach via collaborative digital authoring tools is an opportunity not to be missed. Unleash their power and enable them to keep your content fresh and up-to-date.

Harnessing these opportunities can give your digital projects the edge.

Case study: what successful training providers do when it comes to digital learning

Let’s draw tips from a training provider who recently made digital learning part of their product offering, with the help of Elucidat.

FIVB (International Volleyball Federation)


FIVB is the largest sport federation in the world. As well as hosting major international volleyball events, it’s responsible for providing training to their members – athletes and coaches – on everything volleyball. This includes everything from rules and regulations to form and technique.

Their printed paper-based training methods had begun to prove expensive and block their progress on the international training court. With every event providing fresh fodder for training, they struggled to keep up. They were also running a 12-day on-site training program, with high overheads. They needed a nimbler approach to reach out to their thousands of members.

Opportunities seized


With one coaching course having 400 pages of content alone, FIVB wanted an authoring tool that was quick and easy to use. But they also wanted modern, effective results that could be accessed easily by members, wherever they were.

They opted for a responsive tool with a range of ready-made templates. It enables them to create lots of content, quickly, and deliver it to any device.

“For us, Elucidat was a perfect fit. We liked Elucidat immediately because they were user-friendly, and made it very easy for us to create elearning content. They also have responsive design, meaning our courses are available to view and access across all devices.”


With an eye on the future, they needed flexibility, too:

“As we continued working in the program, we decided we wanted something more tailored to us, so we worked with Elucidat to create our own custom layout that precisely fits with the message, brand and values we stand for.”


The ability to update was probably the deal maker for them. By opting for a cloud-based platform with built-in rapid-release, FIVB can keep their content fresh and up-to-date, in seconds:

“Now I can update pictures or videos to keep them fresh and reflect our most recent events. For example, in our Beach Volleyball Course, we have pictures from the Olympics Games in Rio. This summer we will replace them with pictures from the Beach Volleyball World Championship in Vienna.”

Key takeaways

If you’re going to digitize your training, think beyond content and make the most of the opportunities at hand:

  • Break your content down into formats that work well across devices, and give maximum access to it by making it easy to find, use and navigate – your learners will thank you
  • Create moldable products that can be white-labeled and easily tailored, translated, and branded to suit different customer needs by using built-in functions, such as variations manager
  • Opt for tools that go beyond just easy authoring, that empower your experts to collaborate, share, review and update with a one-step process

Ready to embrace better digital learning? Try Elucidat for free to take advantage of the benefits we’ve discussed in this article.