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The Company

A key challenge for any ambitious training provider is reaching a wider audience with learning experiences that win clients and keep them coming back for more.

In order to maintain their success, one of the world’s leading providers of business consulting and training wanted to ensure they were meeting the needs of the modern learner. They shifted their model to give clients more value, more flexibility and on-demand access to learning content. In doing so they have transformed their business model and focused on producing people-centered elearning that delivers real-life impact.

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“Once there was confidence in the success of the content, they scaled up their efforts using Elucidat’s translation and localization features”

The experience of a training and consultancy company

This story has been anonymized for client confidentiality.

Maintaining growth in the competitive training market

As a global training provider working in an extremely competitive marketplace, they needed a manageable and scalable way to:

•   Reach a global audience across new markets

•   Personalize learning experiences for all

•   Provide ongoing training for every learner

•   Visualize what was and wasn’t working

They knew the only way to do all of this was to go digital. This led to a clear vision: to transform face-to-face training into elearning that delivers real-world results for their business and, crucially, their audience.

Digital transformation of training

With no digital presence in the marketplace, the implementation of this new strategy was a big task. They invested in Elucidat for an agile way to create, update and manage their elearning and embarked on their journey.

Here’s how they got there:

Months 1-6: testing online learning concepts

The first few months were about getting the design direction right. A proof of concept was developed and applied to a segment of the target audience.

The most important thing they did in this time was learn.

Using Elucidat’s data analytics dashboards, they gained feedback on the initial deployment of their new strategy – and if something wasn’t working, they fixed it

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Months 7+: developing and personalizing experiences

From the seventh month onward, the company developed new prototypes to better respond to each market. They user-tested their concepts to fully understand the audience’s needs and used what they found out to release more focused content.

As they learned about their users’ needs, new additions were added to these projects to ensure the learner felt supported, including self-serve access and signposts to additional materials. Ultimately, more modules have been developed than were used in the face-to-face training.

Once there was confidence in the success of the content, they scaled up their efforts using Elucidat’s translation and localization features and ensured the learning was tailored to every market.

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By 18 months: The Results

In just 18 months, this global training provider had:

•   Reached over 40 new markets

•   Upskilled 10,000 people and had a real-world impact

•   Grown their audience, with an average increase of 20% per month

•   Converted their face-to-face materials into digital experiences

•   Developed a self-serve training model 

•   Iterated new products to meet demand 

•   Gained repeat learners and a captive audience

So what made them so successful?

These remarkable results were not a matter of luck. Their approach was underpinned by 6 simple pillars.

Focusing on genuine business ROI

The revenue from the company’s elearning paid back their investment costs within one year. They used data and user feedback to guide and improve what they were providing. By doing so, their investment captured a bigger, captive audience that generates ongoing revenue for the company.  

Aiming for a clear business goal

They were clear from the outset that they wanted to not only convert their materials into digital products, but reach new markets and deliver real results for their learners. Having this clear in mind helped them get there – without targets, monitoring data would have been futile.

Continuous measurement of performance

On average, the company has re-released each module four times to make data-driven iterations and to ensure content remains up to date. They continually monitored what was working, what wasn’t, and what else was needed to make their elearning meet its targets.

Careful use of learner’s time

Early user testing helped the organization produce truly insightful, useful learning experiences for their audiences. They have found that learners use at least three projects on average to build their skills. This means they are coming back three times – proving it’s valuable to them.

Ensuring access for all

When run as face-to-face learning, their content was fixed to run at certain times in certain places, with a cap on numbers. Now it’s open to the world via their web portal. It can be done online, on any device, anywhere, and, crucially, when users want to do it.  

Personalizing experiences

The organization invested time and effort to testing out and iterating their design and content to suit the needs of different users. The decision to create on-demand microlearning content enables learners to self-serve to suit their particular skill gaps.

The Future

The team behind this success aren’t finished yet. They plan to continue using Elucidat’s data analytics to better understand learners’ behavior and improve their content.

This will help to boost audience engagement, encourage ongoing participation and ensure that all of their elearning really and truly works. Ultimately, by adapting to meet the needs of modern learners, they’re able to continue to grow in a competitive market.