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The Company

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) is a leading provider of Continuing Education and Training (CET) to Eye Care Practitioners (ECPs). Their parent company, Johnson & Johnson, is located in New Jersey, USA, and has over 127,000 employees.

“We wanted to maintain our leadership position in delivering high-quality, innovative education for ECPs. Developing a suitable app was an obvious way of doing this.”

Marcella McParland, Director, Professional Affairs, UK & Ireland, at Johnson & Johnson Medical

JJVC’s Eye Education App which won a 2015 UK National E-Learning Award for Best use of mobile learning.

The Challenge

  • Marcella McParland and JJVC were faced with changing compliance regulations that required Eye Care Practitioners (ECPs) to ensure at least 50% of the training they consumed was classified as interactive.
  • JJVC also recognized that ECPs had little time between appointments and limited internet access on their work computers. They needed a new way to deliver training that could be consumed quickly and be accessible via mobile and tablet devices.


The Solution

  • Elucidat’s flexible and build once, learn anywhere solution made it easy for JJVC to build beautiful, interactive eLearning that ECPs could consume on their mobile and tablet devices.
  • Instead of forcing ECPs to block off time in their busy schedules, Elucidat’s bite-sized modules made learning possible in gaps between time with patients.
  • JJCV needed the ability to make ongoing changes to courses to stay in step with new regulatory requirements. Elucidat’s content is hosted in the cloud, so changes can be made instantly.
  • Elucidat’s API made it possible for JJVC to embed content directly into smartphone and tablet apps, creating the ability to use native features like push notifications.


The Results

  • In only 12 months, JJVC doubled the amount of training it delivered to ECPs. Even better, ECPs are now completing seven times as many courses (740% increase).
  • ECPs love the app, with 25% of the market downloading the content and 12% completing at least one hour of course content.
  • The app has opened direct communication channels with ECPs. JJVC now sends push notifications to let ECPs know when new courses and training events are available.
  • A post-launch survey of 176 learners indicated 93% would definitely reuse the app for their training.
  • The Eye Education App won an award in the Best use of mobile learning category at the 2015 UK National E-Learning Awards.
  • Visit The Eye Education App from JJVC