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Supporting 500,000 employees with effective training and development is a monumental task. 

This Elucidat customer of 2 years is one of the world’s leading hospitality services companies. Ensuring their learning content stayed up to date and reached the right people quickly – from compliance training to skills development – meant that their learning team had to get smart about how they approached this challenge.


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"The flexibility is great for our needs. We can deliver compliance training to employees and suppliers that don't need full LMS access"

Director of L&D at a Global Hospitality Services Company

This story has been anonymized for client confidentiality.

Working together, better

Despite starting small, the company’s relationship with Elucidat grew quickly – along with their learning needs. 

They used both agencies and their inhouse team to meet the requirements, but staying on the same page between edits, feedback and processes had traditionally been difficult. 

Elucidat’s comments feature allowed the company and their agencies to comment on any part of the produced elearning, meaning it stayed consistent between the two teams and was produced in less time. 

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Including everyone

But there was another huge challenge: reaching staff hired on shorter-term contracts and giving them access to internal staff training, without needing to access the company’s LMS.

They were a great fit to become one of the first to use the newly developed Learning Launchpad (originally dubbed the Discovery Center). 

With it, they designed role-specific courses and hosted them on dedicated portals. And because there were fewer barriers to entry, plus no LMS costs for the learners’ access, they were able to ensure compliance for even short-term contract and remote workers.

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Yet despite being a lightweight solution, Learning Launchpad still allowed the company to iterate on their course content. Through Elucidat’s analytics, they could use in-depth insights into learner behaviors to adjust their learning, increasing engagement and saving time.

Central management for global updates

Working across more than 30,000 sites in over 70 countries across several industries and disciplines meant a lot of variations of the same course for this global organization. That many variations came with the need for careful tracking: logging where each version of the course sat, and then ensuring each location was updated whenever something changed. 

When you factor in industry updates, company updates and other sources of change, keeping up-to-date was a huge administrative undertaking. 

One of the biggest selling points for this company was that the platform manages learning projects centrally. Projects are hosted live, meaning that when they are updated, the updates show immediately. The company could create a master project, make the versions required for their global sites and diverse industries and update them just once using the master project. The updates would then feed through to the variations of the projects, whether they were on an LMS or Launchpad.