Georgina Cooke

Learning Consultant 

Georgie is a forward-thinking learning consultant who thinks critically about how to use technology and modern content approaches to help people think differently and make positive changes. 

With over 10 years of elearning design experience, Georgie has helped numerous L&D departments learn new skills, adopt new habits, see new perspectives and design awesome training learners love. 

Prior to working with Elucidat, Georgie worked for some of the biggest names in the learning industry such as Kineo and Learning Pool. 

Georgina currently runs Lima Delta, a digital learning agency that designs and creates consumer-grade digital learning. 

Online learning vs face to face training

Are you wondering what you can expect from making the switch from face to face to online learning courses? Elearning online training courses have never been more important and more widely used than today. All businesses are having to quickly learn how to harness the power of digital for training and development more broadly than […]

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How to demonstrate elearning ROI in the most relevant way

Are you measuring ROI of your elearning? Demonstrating value has always been an aspirational battle for L&D teams. It’s often talked about, but rarely done. But it doesn’t have to be hard, and finding the right measures for your organization will pay off (literally!). In this post, we share new ways to think about elearning […]

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How to engage your audience with immersive storytelling [Example]

With learner engagement data at our fingertips, there’s no kidding ourselves that adding a few clicks to dry elearning content keeps learners interested. Instead, learners stick around when content is compelling. Immersive storytelling is a powerful way to hook your learners in. Weaving your learning points into emotive stories is one way of holding your […]

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Learning Content Management Systems Guide: LCMS vs. LMS

One of the least understood learning technologies is Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS). What is an LCMS, after all? We’re here to give you the lowdown explaining how LCMS works and the differences between LCMS vs LMS. The learning technologies market is fast-growing and full of innovative products. With so many options and acronyms (LCMS, […]

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How to design complex product training [Finance elearning]

So you need to train your workforce on an exciting new product. How can you ensure your learners are as clued up and excited as you are? Turning complex financial product information into an effective piece of finance elearning can be tricky to get right. It’s not just about the numbers and charts. The good […]

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3 elearning content nightmares… and how to avoid them!

Imagine the worst elearning course you’ve ever taken. Mindlessly clicking ‘next’, eyes glazing over at neverending paragraphs… We’ve all been there. It’s no wonder digital learning can have a bad rep, but good elearning is easy when you know how – and to help, we’ll show the top 3 mistakes to avoid. Good elearning design […]

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How to deliver nuanced content at scale with a personalized scenario (video and example)

How can you balance the business need of fast elearning production with the big impact that personalization has for learners? Go behind the scenes of a first-person scenario that’s been tailored for different working environments in this #Designer’sCut to see how we’ve tackled personalization at scale with discrimination training. 3 ideas for making your scenarios […]

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3 strategies to turn boring topics into engaging content

If your role involves creating online elearning content, you’ve likely experienced that sinking feeling when you realise that the long, dense, dull manual that’s appeared on your desk is the content for your next corporate elearning module. You want to create something snappy and engaging, but how do you make a seemingly boring subject interesting? […]

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The ultimate guide to cloud-based elearning authoring tools

If you’ve made the move from desktop storage to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive, you’ll have experienced the freedom and collaboration that cloud-based software can bring. With a cloud-based elearning authoring tool, you can experience the same benefits and more when you create elearning content. Say goodbye to lone working at your desk […]

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How to create personalized annual compliance training [Video]

Annual compliance training is a tricky balance. You need to prove organizational compliance and keep learners engaged, which is no small feat. After all, nobody wants to click through the same content they read last year! Go behind the scenes of our latest elearning demo to see a new way of addressing the challenge. In […]

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4 tips for making the best elearning simulations

Elearning simulations give learners a chance to practice and learn from their mistakes in a risk-free environment. This kind of digital learning experience is a far cry from the presentational style of content that many people think of when you mention elearning! So, how do you create a useful, engaging simulation online? The great thing […]

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Curated learning: How to get more from less

Have you ever slaved over a guide, policy or how-to wiki, only to realize months later that only a handful of people read it? Or maybe you’ve seen some content online that would be useful for others, but don’t know how to get it in front of them. Before you resign yourself to creating a […]

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