The Secrets to Corporate Training Success [Infographic]

With face-to-face training largely impossible during the pandemic, online learning became the go-to training tool. But how effective has this digital transformation been at delivering value for businesses and employees? Find out what L&D leaders and learners really think and uncover the secrets of successful corporate training with this handy infographic!

The secrets to corporate training success

Uncovering the Secrets to Corporate Training Success

We surveyed more than 800 learners across the retail, finance, healthcare and pharma industries to explore their changing experiences and preferences. Over 200 L&D professionals, plus some top industry experts, offered insights about where L&D needs to focus to maximize their impact.

You can find all of the insights and data in the full 2022 Training Trends Report. But, to make this more digestible, here’s a quick and easy infographic that shares some key stats from the report around what learners really want, and what L&D professionals can do to help.

The Secrets to Corporate Training Success [Infographic]

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The online learning transformation is here to stay. If you’re going to avoid digital fatigue and deliver real impact, you need to focus on what your employees want and need. Whether it’s microlearning, flexible blends, user generated video, data personalized learning paths or wellbeing, people should be at the center of all your corporate training for it to be truly successful.

Want to find out more? Check out the full Training Trends Report to get the insider knowledge you need to deliver successful employee training in 2022.

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