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Induction & onboarding

Your first impression to new employees can say a lot about your organisation, your culture and your vision. A smooth, educational and efficient onboarding process will set you and your new employee up for success.

Learn how to create more effective induction courses by reading my seven favorite articles on the topic.

1. Navigating the onboarding journey at eLearnz


Navigating the unchartered waters of a new workplace can seem daunting. But there are ways to get your onboarding programme into shipshape condition and ensure plain sailing for new recruits.

Tina Griffin explains the three blunders organisations make when it comes to onboarding

2. The anatomy of great onboarding elearning


Onboarding is the first impression your company makes on a new employee. With such high stakes – it is important to get it right. In this article, our very own Steve Penfold looks at the most important aspects of onboarding and shares a four-part framework for creating great onboarding elearning.

Discover how to create great onboarding elearning

3. Online induction training: First impressions count

online induction training

Did you know that most people decide how long they will stay in their job within the first week of employment?

Ruby Spencer from PulseLearning suggests “successful induction courses are your chance to show new employees what makes your company tick.” She says great induction courses pave the way for an easy, enjoyable, and productive integration.

But are your induction courses still being run in an offline environment?

Take a look at the advantages of moving your induction course online

4. Six practical steps to increase the effectiveness of your induction program

first 90 days

Your company cannot grow without a talented and skilled workforce. When the ‘attraction & acquisition’ phase ends with the successful recruitment, the next important phase of retention and engagement starts.

For the new generation, who makes career decisions every single day, retention starts on day-one, at induction. So, having an effective induction program is imperative. It will reduce the cost of turnover within your organization, plus it will help you increase both customer and employee satisfaction.

Here are six practical steps to increase the effectiveness of your induction program

5. 20 characteristics of great onboarding elearning

6 practical steps

What are the characteristics of an a great onboarding program?

In this article, Li Whybrow shows you how elearning can be blended with traditional delivery to help you design and deliver a course that can help your new starters reach their potential faster.

See Li Whybrow’s top 20 characteristics of great onboarding elearning

6. Onboarding with diversity: There is no such thing as a “bad” learning style

onboarding diversity

The workday is busy enough as it is, and many people use standardization and routine as a way of making their seemingly endless to-do lists more manageable. While this is a great technique for many tasks, standardization in onboarding fails to make use of the inherent diversity each worker brings to the table.

Max Yoder shares his ideas on how you can respect a wide variety of different learning styles by using cross-training to introduce each employee to the range of functions at your organization.

Learn how to adapt diversity into your onboarding courses

7. Five examples of great onboarding elearning courses


A great onboarding experience should be efficient and empathetic. Here we look at some elearning courses from leading companies that have nailed onboarding training.

Five great examples of onboarding elearning

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Steve Penfold

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