5 elearning experts share their storyboarding ideas to help you create more effective elearning

Are you using storyboards to guide your elearning development? Read on to hear how five elearning experts use storyboards to create more effective elearning, fast.

1. Connie Malamed: Storyboards for elearning

Many people who are new to eLearning want to know how to create a storyboard. Should they use a professional tool? Should they create a template from scratch? What should they put into the template?

In response to these types of questions, Connie interviewed herself about this topic.

Here are Connie’s storyboarding tips

2. Christopher Pappas: 12 Tips To Create Effective eLearning Storyboards

A storyboard is a map that guides elearning professionals through every twist and turn of their eLearning course design. eLearning storyboards make the elearning design and development process much more efficient.

Christopher shares 12 tips to help you create elearning storyboards that effectively communicate your elearning vision

3. Michael Treser: How to use storyboards to build better courses in a more efficient manner

Let’s take a closer look at what storyboards are, and how you can use them to start building better courses in a more efficient manner.

How to use storyboards to author better elearning

4. David Demyan: The Rapid Storyboard Development Process

In this article David shows you how use Snagit to capture – and move – screen captures and pictures quickly and reliably into the storyboard document, eliminating the manual repetition of copy, paste, resize, and repeat. And if you need to link your visuals instead of embedding them, there’s an easy way to do that, too.

Learn how to rapidly develop a storyboard with Snagit

5. Justin Ferriman: 8 Easy Steps for ELearning Storyboards

Before you jump into creating any elearning program, it is important to first create a storyboard for the course.

If you are new to storyboards, then Justin has an eight-step process to help you get started.

8 easy steps for elearning storyboards

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