Image tips and tricks

When building projects, you want your images to carry the quality of your communication. Here are a few quick tips on how to prepare images to get the best visual results in Elucidat.

What is the message you are trying to convey?

Before choosing images, consider the message, the mood and the brief before you begin to look at images.

Retain consistency throughout

Before starting, decide a definite visual layout for your project. Produce a design brief with colour swatches, art and image examples. This is helpful, even if you are working alone.

If you have recurring images such as you might for ‘Incorrect’ or ‘Correct’ feedback, make sure you use the same image throughout your project.

Is the message of your image clear enough?

A good image shouldn’t need explanation, an ambiguous image can confuse your message and undermine the impact of your text.

Consider where your image is going in your project

A bad background image will be viewable for the duration of your project.

Do your graphics attract your learners’ attention?

You want your learner to be drawn to the page however you don’t want them to be distracted from the text. Images are more noticeable if they are contrasting to their surroundings.

Is your image unique, Eye tracking studies indicate that readers often ignore stock photography and decorative images that don’t add real content to the page.

Do your graphics invoke emotion?

Images have the power to evoke emotions. Emotionally charged content is proven to be easier to remember.Good images make people laugh/cry and provoke conversation.

Remember colour association

People associate colours with all manner of things from emotions to wealth. Colour association isn’t universal, it is important to consider suitable images for your region of release. For instance in the West, white can symbolise purity and peace, whilst in Asia it is a symbol of death.

Modify images

If you can’t find the perfect image to fit in with your visual style, choose a close match and modify with Photoshop or use free software such as GIMP. Carefully application of cropping, blurring and filtering can expand the impact of your graphics.

Best practice for Images blur 1

Original image

Best practice for Images blur 1.jpg

Blurred to emphasise road

Best practice for Images blur 2.jpg

Blurred to emphasise sky

Best practice for Images crop 1

Cropped to emphasise horizon

Consider the best image for different platforms

With Elucidat it is important to always consider what is best look for different platforms.

An image with small details may look great on a desktop, but will it be visible on a phone screen? (Don’t forget that you can upload different images for different view modes)


An image like this relies on the legibility of it text, once it is resized for a mobile your learner will not be able to read it.

We hope these tips help you to improve the visual impact of your work.

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