A new way to distribute your elearning content – outside of your LMS [Elucidat product update]

Sometimes distributing learning can feel like a bit of a hassle. It may be that you need to release a compliance course extra fast, or are providing training for temporary employees or contractors who don’t have LMS access. Sound familiar? We’ve introduced Learning Launchpad to help!

Learning Launchpad elearning portal feature

What is Learning Launchpad?

Learning Launchpad from Elucidat enables the creation of web portals, to deliver contained learning experiences for groups of people – big and small. Accessible on any device, a simple self-registration process or open access reduces the number of steps to learn and is ideal for reaching your audiences quickly and at the point of need through targeted Launchpads of grouped learning content.

Why a Learning Launchpad?


With Learning Launchpad you can share a URL where your new hire registers with their personal email address. You can provide access to learning materials and track what they have done in advance of their first day.

Workers without a corporate email

Reach your 1000s of employees who do not have a corporate email address and still ensure they’re tracked.

Faster than an LMS

Learning Launchpad puts your learners learning in their hands. Simply send a URL to anyone in your organization and let them sign up and get on with the learning.

It also removes the bottleneck of LMS upload and distribution from your L&D teams, removing barriers to rapid, relevant content creation.

In-depth analytics

Content hosted on Learning Launchpads maps directly to Elucidat’s Analytics, meaning that you can see more than just pass/fail. Get interaction-by-interaction data analytics, increase engagement and prevent drop-off.

One-off campaigns 

Have a one-off piece of learning or transient audience? Learning Launchpad allows you to distribute the content needed, and track it, at a fraction of the cost of an LMS.

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How does it work?

Releasing to a Learning Launchpad couldn’t be simpler. 

Simply create a Launchpad with the Launchpad admin area of the app 

learning launchpad elearning portal

Select the courses you want to include, rename them and arrange them into sections.

choose elucidat course

elearning portal

You can then: 

  • Customize the look and feel of your Launchpad with colors and brand images, 
  • Define the identifiers you want your learners to input on the login screen

When you’re ready to release your Launchpad, it’s just the click of a button. You’ll then receive the unique URL to share with your audience!

Ready to find out more?

Discover how Learning Launchpad, part of Elucidat’s powerful authoring platform, can give you a smarter, faster way to distribute and measure digital learning. Book your demo of Learning Launchpad

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