Customer spotlight: Recruiter Hub uses Elucidat to create online training 10x faster

In the past, Recruiter Hub had only offered classroom and workshop training. The team wanted to offer a digital solution but had no previous elearning experience. Elucidat made it easy for Recruiter Hub’s trainers—who had no design experience—to put together mobile-ready modules 10x faster than any other elearning authoring tool on the market.


Recruiter Hub is a training company that delivers people and product-based training solutions to the recruiting industry. Over the last six years the team has worked with over 50 recruitment businesses from startups to large multi-office operations across all sectors. The results have been impressive, their clients retain 3 out 4 (75%) trainees after year one.

It’s Recruiter Hub Academy solution is the leading online training platform for the UK recruiting industry. The Academy is a fully supported end-to-end program that starts with setting up the attraction campaign, pre-screening and interviewing, all the way through to the eleventh week of the new recruiters early career.

But… this wasn’t always the case. There was a time when Recruiter Hub didn’t have an online training solution. Let’s look at how they embraced online training with the help of Elucidat’s authoring platform.

The Challenge

Recruiter Hub wanted to offer a digital learning solution for its clients. In the past, it only offered classroom and workshop training.

With no previous elearning experience, the team needed a simple solution that didn’t take hours of training to master.

It needed a flexible solution that made updating course content quick and easy.

The Solution

recruiter hub why elucidat

Elucidat’s pre-built themes offer a fast way to start with elearning. Even with no instructional design experience, the team created beautiful and engaging courses.

Elucidat made it easy for Recruiter Hub’s trainers—who had no design experience—to put together 30 mobile-ready, bite-sized modules, fast. This would have been too difficult with other authoring tools.

Elucidat’s Rapid Release technology enables the company’s outside contractors to make changes to content and update the live course instantly without having to access the LMS.

The Results

Recruiter Hub’s team can create elearning content 10x faster than other elearning authoring tools.

The company now delivers courses and modules to hundreds of learners on desktop and mobile devices.

The Academy is now the top online training solution for the UK’s recruiting industry.

Next steps:

Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold

Steve Penfold is Customer Success Director at Elucidat. He helps large companies and training providers speed up and simplify their elearning authorin
Steve Penfold
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