Scenario-based learning tips to help you create more effective elearning

We curated a list of the best content on scenario-based learning from our industry’s top companies and influencers. Read on to learn how leading companies are using scenario-based learning.

1. Five principles to use when creating scenario-based learning

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Are you an elearning designer trying to move on from click-and-read courses? Do you realize the value of non-linear and scenario-based learning? Then this article will help you to structure your course so it’s more engaging and effective for your end user.

2. Ten must-have elearning scenario resources

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So you’re ready to create an elearning scenario with amazing branching. But you need some help getting started. You’ve arrived at the right place. In this article, we’ll be dishing out our 10 must-have elearning scenario resources for creating a great eLearning branching scenario.

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3. Six ways to create more effective elearning scenario

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Elearning scenarios can make the overall elearning experience fun, engaging, and effective. In this article, learn how to design motivational and informative elearning courses using effective elearning scenarios.

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4. Five real-world examples of branching scenario elearning

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Scenarios in elearning incorporate real-life situations which are designed to put learners in a role of problem solver. This approach helps increase interactivity and give learners the opportunity to use information in a practical setting.

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5. Branching elearning scenario checklist (5-steps)

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Need some help getting started designing branching elearning scenarios? Make sure you’ve covered all the bases by following our simple five point checklist for producing high quality branching elearning scenarios.

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