3 exciting updates from Elucidat’s Product Roundup

Things don’t stand still at Elucidat. We’re constantly improving our platform to ensure you can create impactful elearning at scale and with ease. At our Product Roundup event, we looked back at our most recent updates and ahead to what’s coming next. Here’s an overview of what we shared so you can get inspired by our latest developments.

product updates

3 exciting updates

Save time and money with Auto-Translate

Hot off the press is our latest exciting enhancement: Auto-Translate. This feature makes it quicker and easier to translate your elearning projects. Simply choose your source language and translate content into one of 75 languages. The different versions can then be managed using Variations Manager. Make global changes in one place, and they’ll feed through into all your translated versions. Quick, simple, and reduces the chance of errors being introduced.

Key benefits:

  • Save time and effort: Reduce the time and effort it takes to translate your elearning content.
  • Increase access: Make your elearning more accessible. Reach learners with courses produced in their preferred language.
  • Get cost-effective: Reduce dependency on agencies and automate the bulk of the translation effort.


Collaborate seamlessly with Guided Authoring 

Following a successful pilot, we launched Guided Authoring. This streamlined authoring workflow enables collaborative content creation at speed and scale. It utilizes predefined templates, granular user permissions (powered by Advanced User Management), and built-in review and approval workflows so L&D can stay in control. Giving you the reassurance that Subject Matter Expert (SME) generated content will be on brand and impactful. 

Key benefits:

  • Capture expertise: Allow employees to share their expertise and experience.
  • Improve quality: Open up production without risk and with control over quality.
  • Reduce spend: Harness the power of your people and produce more in-house.

Guided Authoring

As an instructional designer, that’s one of the really big benefits of Guided Authoring. I don’t have to handhold and be there for every step of the process. It allowed me to focus on some of the bigger projects and some of that design and consultation work that takes a lot of time.

– Olivia Cunningham, Instructional Designer, nCino

Streamline your process with the Review workflow

The continuous updates to our Review feature create a seamless feedback process. Say goodbye to keeping track of email trails and compiling feedback spreadsheets. You can now invite anyone to review your project and leave feedback within the platform, even if they don’t have an Elucidat account. The ability to tag colleagues in comments means collaboration is easier than ever. Dedicated workflows and clear reviewer tracking now give you your project status at a glance.

Key benefits:

  • Collaborate seamlessly: Invite reviewers, track their progress, and easily action their feedback.
  • Work with others effectively: Reply to comments and tag colleagues as you work together.
  • Open up reviews: Invite anyone to review your project, even without an account.


But that wasn’t all…

Of course, these three examples aren’t isolated cases. We’re always working in the background to build on the great features Elucidat offers. From interface improvements to usage data available in the app, we spoke about lots of other small enhancements we’ve made. 

As well as shining a spotlight on our latest updates, we also want to ensure that our customers are using everything that’s available to them. That’s why we highlighted the benefits of using  Advanced User Management, Single Sign-On and Translations Manager

Customers driving our development

At Elucidat, we don’t just take a people-centered approach to learning. All our enhancements are driven by the people who use our platform and their real-world needs. 

We’re always looking for people to play a part in our future research. Want to get involved? Speak to your Customer Success Manager or our Support team.  

In summary

There’s always something new and improved to get excited about in Elucidat. Our latest Product Roundup highlighted 3 key enhancements:

  • Save time and money by seamlessly translating content into 75 languages with Auto-Translation.
  • Enable anyone to create impactful elearning with Guided Authoring
  • Collaborate at scale with ease and streamline your feedback collection process with the Review workflow

As we continue to work with our customers to improve user experience and their learning impact, more improvements will be released. So, keep your eyes peeled!

If you’re already an Elucidat customer and want to learn more, reach out to us, and we can share the Product Roundup recording.

If you’re new to Elucidat and want to see these features for yourself, book a demo to get started with a free trial.

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