Simon Greany

Elucidat Chief Learning Officer  & Co-founder 

Simon is a digital learning and training leader with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He’s led numerous award-winning elearning projects, run a successful learning agency, and spoken at international events.  He currently hosts a podcast series called Learning at Large where he speaks to world leaders in learning and organizational development, to get to the heart of what makes real change possible.  

His vision is to enable organizations to respond to change more quickly, by giving everyone the power to produce and manage effective digital learning – learning that has a real impact.

He is passionate about using technology to build a learning culture within organizations; where experts share knowledge with peers and where people continually make the personal changes needed to support scalable change.


3 Common Elearning Process Pitfalls That May Be Holding You Back

Is your standard elearning process working smart enough to support modern learning? In this article, we share three common process pitfalls and explain why they may be holding you back from creating smart elearning. In our new guide on how to use smarter processes, we pose two questions. Does the common elearning development process best meet your […]

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For Smart Elearning, You Need Smart Processes

Are you using old, inefficient elearning authoring processes? In this article, Simon Greany will explain why modern elearning requires you to use smarter processes. Online, mobile, and technology-enabled learning is set to keep rising as 53% of corporate learning and development (L&D) teams plan to increase their investment in digital learning this year. And it’s no wonder […]

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HBR report: “Digital technologies increase productivity.” But are you ready to embrace digital learning?

What impact does digital technology have on business performance? A lot. A recent report from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) found that “the most digital companies see outsized growth in productivity and profit.” In this article we’ll explore how this might impact learning. The report looked at three key areas—digital assets, digital usage, and digital […]

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