How to create elearning faster, without sacrificing quality [Free guide]

The third C of the 5C Framework for successful digital learning is “Create.” This stage is all about having a solid process for building your content, so you can achieve the best results – as efficiently as possible.

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Do you need to refine your elearning build process? 

How often do you deliver an elearning project ahead of schedule, at a higher than expected quality? Not as often as you’d like? There are always hurdles that get in the way, but developing a solid process for the delivery of your elearning project is key to overcoming them.

So, does your process need some refinement? Are you missing any important steps?

Ask yourself these 5 key questions:

  1. Are you clear on your audience, their needs and how best to meet them? If not, you need to go back to review the Capture stage before you start building.
  2. Are you planning to work out the layout and learning interactions as you go? If so, think again – it’s likely to lead to a long and indecisive build process. Take some time to Conceptualize  your learning ideas before you build.
  3. Do you find yourself unsure about the branding and visuals of your project when you’re halfway through the build?
  4. Do you always start on page one when you build, and then hit issues when you come to a more complex section?
  5. Do you struggle with who to get input from, when and in what format?
  6. Do you ever get spelling mistakes or broken links pointed out to you once your learning has gone live?

If you answered no to all these questions, wow! If not, then don’t worry – you’re not alone. A few really small changes in your processes will make a huge difference to how efficient and enjoyable your build process is.

What changes do you need to make?

We’ve bottled up tips and advice in a free guide, which will give you some great pointers for where and how you can improve your elearning creation process. Including:

  • Setting up your style and branding
  • Picking a short section to test your concept
  • Gaining feedback and input from key stakeholders
  • Quality assuring your digital learning

Download our free guide for tips and advice.

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