The Retail Bulletin HR Summit 2021

Find out how to win against “the great resignation”! Check out the recording of this awesome panel discussion from the recent Retail Bulletin HR Summit, on retaining talent, with our very own Kirstie Greany.

Retailers, more so than many other industries, are desperately battling “the great resignation”. This comes on top of retail redundancies that took place during the pandemic. Retailers need to be increasingly smart in order to keep their staff. Not to mention, attract new talent!

Our Head of Customer Learning, Kirstie Greany, attended the HR Summit with some of the leading figures in retail L&D and HR to discuss how retail can retain and attract talent in the current climate.

Panel line-up

  • Madeleine Scott, Senior Talent Development Partner, Groupon
  • Phil Vickers, Director of Human Resources, Charles Tyrwhitt
  • Emma James, Head of Internal Comms & Engagement, Moto Hospitality
  • Pauline Whiteman, Senior HR Fellow, Walt Disney Company
  • Kirstie Greany, Head of Customer Learning, Elucidat

Panel highlight

This session examines the war for talent and the shortages that retailers are seeing in some critical talent areas.

  • How employers can attract retail staff amid ongoing job cuts
  • Re-thinking the traditional retail model in a candidate led market
  • The future workplace – focusing on transition, talent, and technology
  • Talent development – how we can cater more to an individual’s needs vs broad-stroke training
  • Challenges of filling permanent operational roles
  • Upskilling the right people and hanging on to them
  • Investing in group coaching – growing employee confidence and their careers
  • Having an organisational people strategy for flexible or on-demand talent
  • How can you ensure the maximum business impact from your learning programmes?

For more detail, here’s a round up of 7 top strategies you can use to retain retail talent.


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