Ensure quality elearning with Review – feature demo

Getting elearning projects reviewed before they go live is so important for quality assurance. Yet it’s a step in the process that’s notoriously tricky. Slow, messy, and inconsistent – it’s hard to manage when there’s many stakeholders involved. That’s why we’ve created a brand new in-platform Review feature that enables you to seamlessly get reviews done. Put away the spreadsheets and the laborious email trails, and take a look for yourself.



Whether it’s reviews by subject experts, project sponsors, learning designers, end users or proof-readers, we know how important it is to ensure quality by getting elearning projects reviewed. But when working at high scale, the review process needs to be easy for you (elearning producers!) and those busy people being asked to review your projects. The more efficient, the better.

With the new Elucidat Review feature you can relax. It’s a stress-free feature that not only encourages reviews on all projects but makes the whole process simple for everyone involved.

Take a look at the feature video or read on to find out more.

Invite in reviewers easily, at any time

With Elucidat’s Review feature, you can invite in reviewers at any time, as you work on a project.


Whether you’re ready for a final review, or simply need some input before you go further, you can open the Review panel and invite in new reviewers at any time.


You can simply choose the name of a fellow Elucidat user, or, coming very soon, invite in an external reviewer. They’ll then get an email inviting them in.

You can then see who’s completed their review, and who hasn’t.


Simplify the process for busy reviewers

Reviewers are often busy people. They may be subject experts with a day job, senior stakeholders with a lot on their plate, or end users who are lending their time to help guide your project. Either way, reviewers should be able to do one thing and one thing only, and that’s review.

After receiving an invite email, reviewers enter Elucidat into a dedicated area. (They don’t need to see authoring controls!). Here they can see all the projects that are awaiting their review. It may only be one of course, and they can dive straight in.


Once in a project, they can work through it page by page, or jump to specific areas. This means for branching projects reviewers can get into all pages easily.

Reviewers select an area of the page they want to comment about. This generates a number and comment field, in the panel on the right.


If they are an Elucidat user, they’ll be able to see what others have said, avoiding duplicated effort or conflicting comments that cause headaches later.

Once done, a note is sent to the author. The reviewer can customize it to give a summary of their review e.g. “I really like the approach. It’s so engaging and visual. It just needs some technical tweaks to the language, then I’m happy to sign it off”.

Streamline how you work together to close out comments

We know from experience that reviews aren’t always straightforward. Even with the best brief in the world, sometimes review comments aren’t clear or are multi-layered and need work done by different people. We’ve supported a cleaner QA process by giving authors different options as they work through the review comments:

1. Respond – authors can respond to a reviewers’ comment e.g. ‘Can you clarify what you meant by this one?’

2. Close – satisfyingly close off a comment. (Although they can be re-opened if needed!)

3. @tag others – COMING SOON: tag a colleague e.g. ‘@johnf please can you find a replacement image for this one?’


As a cloud-based tool, Elucidat supports collaboration. In just a few weeks, Elucidat users in the same account will soon be able to @tag each other and work through comments together.

Invite non-Elucidat users to drop in to review projects

We think quality counts and want to encourage you to bring in reviewers from the outside to boost the impact of your elearning. In just a few weeks you’ll be able to invite in those senior stakeholders, subject experts, end users, and branding team colleagues to review your projects without needing an Elucidat license.

More coming on this very soon!


If quality is important to you, then reviews will be too. The new Elucidat Review feature now means you can seamlessly invite and manage reviewers inside your authoring platform, in a streamlined and efficient way. No more spreadsheets, emails or Slack threads!

One place, one team, one solid piece of elearning at a time! 

Make QA part of what you do every time, with this new easy feature, built for quality and scale.

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