How a clear process empowers everyone to create quality learning at scale

Developing learning in large organizations can involve a lot of people – all with different priorities, experience and skills. Providing the right level of support is key to producing quality at scale. A clear process will help you stay on track while empowering everyone to bring their best to the table. So, what should this process look like? We asked two successful learning managers to share their insights, examples and methodologies as part of the Learning at Large Knowledge Hub.

How to simplify lives by building in toolsets and processes that help you scale

Put in place a framework for success with help from two experts

We spoke to Luz Hoyos Rossier, Global Head Talent Development at SGS, and Alex Barley, Senior nCino University Experience Designer, to find out how clear processes have made things easier for them, their teams and colleagues across their organizations.

We explored how taking time to put tools and guidelines in place at the start of a project pays off by producing quality results faster. They shared some practical tips about how they developed and deployed their streamlined processes, as well as how they flex these on a project-by-project basis. These bite-size interview clips, packaged with some simple guides and user-friendly tools, are all available for free on our Learning at Large Knowledge Hub

“It’s about having a consistent learner centric approach with clear outcomes, so everyone can produce engaging content with diversified learning methodologies.”

– Luz Hoyos Rossier – Global Head Talent Development at SGS

Why putting in place a clear process is so critical?

In fast-paced, global organizations, meeting training demand can be challenging. You and your team may be the experts when it comes to learning, but without the skills and knowledge from across your organization, you can’t deliver.

Harnessing the expertise of busy Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and stakeholders while working at a scale (and often to tight deadlines) can feel overwhelming. The right toolsets and processes can take the strain.

A process provides...

Building in a consistent framework enables you to grow quality and scale-up elearning production with less stress. A clear process empowers everyone to produce impactful digital learning – whatever their skills or experience. The L&D team can keep pace with training demands, while being confident that quality and consistency is maintained.

“Having control of our templates makes our job easy because we can basically plug and play…and when we’re working with SMEs and stakeholders there’s a sense of comfort.”

– Alex Barley – Senior nCino University Experience Designer at nCino

What does an effective process look like?

In the Implement a clear process topic of our Learning at Large Knowledge Hub, our experts outline the 4 key characteristics of an effective process and provide tips on how to achieve each.

  • Clear: Our digital learning leaders explain why clarity is key. Find out how they identified the tools and processes that were effective in their organizations.
  • Empowering: Get expert tips on how to empower people through process so it’s easy to quickly scale up your elearning development.
  • Collaborative: Find out how you can play a key role in enabling effective collaboration on projects. Hear some success stories which show the impact an L&D team can have when they take a consultative approach.
  • Flexible: Don’t make your process too rigid. Get some expert advice on how to flex your framework to suit your project and stay on track.

“There’s a clear path for creation, for conceptualization, and for delivering… Each person has ownership of the content they need to create. They’re engaged in the process.”

– Luz Hoyos Rossier – Global Head Talent Development at SGS

Ready to embrace empowering processes?

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