Product Update: Elucidat’s Page Progress Indicator

At Elucidat, we never settle. Even though we’ve been creating modern, engaging scrolling pages for a long time, we’ve been asking ourselves how they can be even better. The result? The Page Progress Indicator that helps you take your scrolling pages to the next level.

page progress indicator

What is the Page Progress Indicator?

The Page Progress Indicator is a visual representation of all the sections on a long scrolling page.

It shows learners which sections they’ve completed and acts as a quick menu, letting them jump to different sections in a split second, rather than scrolling and searching for the content they need.


The Page Progress Indicator comes in all shapes and sizes and can be configured to scroll away or remain visible at the top or side of the page – the choice is yours.

How does a progress indicator help your learners?

  • Show the contents of your page at a glance. Are your learners new to elearning that scrolls? The Page Progress Indicator will help them orientate themselves and make sure they know that there’s more content below the fold.
  • Enable learners to jump around your page. Are you creating on-the-job resources or digital learning that you’d like learners to come back to? Use the Page Progress Indicator to  make it easy for learners to find the content that’s most useful for them in the moment.
  • Keep track of what’s completed and what’s still to go. Do you learners need to complete everything on a page before they can move on to the next one? The Page Progress Indicator ticks off what’s been completed, removing the frustration of not knowing what you’ve missed.
  • Make very long pages more manageable: Are you worried that learners might think your page is going to go on forever when actually there are only 5 sections? The page progress indicator will show them where they are and how much is left to go, reducing the risk of them giving up halfway down the page.

The best bit

We saved the best news until last. Page Progress does all the hard work for you; when you add a Page Progress Indicator, it automatically scans your page, works out what’s in a section and pulls out the titles and presents it all in your chosen format.

Elucidat Users: Get more detail and a step-by-step guide on how to add a Page Progress Indicator in Elucidat

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