How to create personalized annual compliance training [Video]

Annual compliance training is a tricky balance. You need to prove organizational compliance and keep learners engaged, which is no small feat. After all, nobody wants to click through the same content they read last year! Go behind the scenes of our latest elearning demo to see a new way of addressing the challenge.

In this episode of Designer’s Cut, we take a close look at Elucidat’s new Annual Compliance Assessment demo to see how personalized, adaptive learning could be the solution that keeps your learners and your compliance officer happy.

Short on time? Here’s a quick overview:

Flip ‘teach then test’ on its head

Rather than testing your employees’ knowledge at the end of the elearning, put your quiz at the start. The quiz results will reveal who has remembered everything from last year’s training and who needs a recap. Understanding where each learner is starting from means you can give each person what they need and no more, saving precious time.

Worried that a quiz won’t be enough to test real-world application? Make sure your questions are scenario-based so you’re testing whether employees can put the theory into practice in real-life situations.

personalized quiz

Personalized content

The next step is to break your learning content down into short chunks that are associated with the quiz questions. That way, you can show the specific topics each person needs to revise, and hide the topics they have shown competence in.

personalized elearning content
In this example, the learner got three out of four questions correct. The incorrect question was on malicious emails, so the only topic on the menu is all about how to deal with them.

Final thoughts

Respecting your learners’ time with a personalized approach to compliance training will make all the difference to your learner satisfaction scores, and the shorter length might even improve your completion rates. With Elucidat, creating effective training doesn’t need to take any more time from you.

Check out the annual compliance assessment demo for yourself. And if you’re ready to understand how to achieve this approach in Elucidat using the rules feature, watch this webinar for a step-by-step guide.

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